These double celebrations are very sneaky; we’ve only just had Inane Answering Machine Message Day mixed with Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, and now we’re faced with Wear Red Day going head-to-head with Bubblegum Day. Now that’s just fine, in fact it can make the challenge more fun because I have to find a way to combine these themes, but in this instance I forgot about one of them entirely until late in the proceedings.

From the moment I’d brushed my teeth in the morning I made sure to blow lots of sweet, sugary strawberry bubbles both in and out the office until my jaw felt like it had been used to dig up an allotment (thankfully it didn’t taste like that). However, upon arriving home I realised that I hadn’t worn a single red garment. Not a shred of maroon, crimson, scarlet, carmine, burgundy or cherry complemented my ensemble, not even a sliver of fire engine or tinsel town! (Aren’t Dulux colour charts marvellous?) I checked myself over in the mirror several times but despite sporting no fewer than five shades of brown, the colour of blood, fire and rubies was completely lacking.

Dejected, I slumped into my red sofa and hugged its red cushion, with the red feature wall taking up my line of sight and the vibrant red rug squashing beneath my coffee-coloured socks. Feeling as if my surroundings were mocking me and needing to get changed for an evening meal with my dad, I grumpily stood up and dragged myself to the bedroom. Removing my jumper, shirt and tie in a huff, I then took off my trousers, and do you know what I found? (No smutty remarks please.) I found that I’d been wearing a pair of red boxers the entire time! The day had been a success after all, albeit a subdued one.

Feeling elated, I blew an extra large bubble to celebrate. Unfortunately I did this whilst pulling a fresh T-shirt over my head, so aside from Wear Red Day, I also celebrated Wear Bubblegum On Your Face Evening. I was fine with it but my dad kept giving me funny looks, especially when I got a fork stuck to my mouth.


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