Did you know that there’s a celebration called Collect Rocks Day? I didn’t until just now and I’ve been writing this blog for almost three years, so fair play if you had no idea either.

So yeah, Tuesday 16th September is a great opportunity to get your rocks out and, indeed, off. This could include anything from reading up on geology to walking along a beach and admiring the formations that took Mother Nature and Father Time eons to create. Or you could be like me and make a pointless rock-related list. So without further ado…


1) Fraggle Rock

Dance your cares away / Worry’s for another day / Let the music play / Down at Fraggle Rock. (I used to fancy Red when I was a kid. Messed up, I know.)



2) Easter Island

These stone heads were carved between 1100 and 1680 AD, and so far 887 have been discovered. Those early Polynesian Rapa Nui people really did love their monolithic mugs.

Easter Island, Rano Raraku


3) The Rock

God, he’s intimidating. I know he mainly acts in comedies and family movies, but if I were alone with him in an elevator I just… I just wouldn’t know what to do.



4) Mick Jagger

Everyone wants to be able to dance like this Rolling Stone, to the extent that Maroon 5 wrote a song about his moves and their alleged ability to imitate them.



5) Sailing Stones

Speaking of moves, sailing stones are rocks that move all by themselves without any human or animal intervention, the clever little buggers.



6) The Nome King

Possibly the most sinister character in Return to Oz (even more so than the evil queen with her room of living heads) is The Nome King. Sure, he seems quite pleasant when smoking his pipe and offering limestone cakes and a goblet of melted silver, but refuse his demands and you’ll find he has a volcanic fury and a heart as hard as diamond.



7) School of Rock

Because rockers know no boundaries, not even the faux pas of masquerading as a teacher and turning a load of posh kids into riff-loving rebels.



8) Rocky






“Christ, Rocky, what is it FFS?!”



9) Rocky Horror Picture Show

A very different kind of Rocky. Oh, Tim Curry, what are you like?



10) Gorignak

The living rock in Galaxy Quest, filled with rage and driven by a thirst for violence, most likely because of a lack of shade, privacy and eyeballs.



11) Barney Rubble

Despite chuckling like an idiot all of the time, Fred Flintstone’s caveman chum is a genius on the drums.



12) Agate

And then we have the type of rock that makes a mighty fine ornament and is often taken to Show and Tell sessions by school pupils across the world. I am of course referring to agate, not to be confused with a gate.


Agate – Perfect for science fairs


A gate – Perfect for home security


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