It’s a shame that Ferris Wheel Day isn’t in October, as that’s when Hull Fair comes to town – a huge amalgamation of various rides, attractions, games, food vendors, palm readers and even a two-month early Father Christmas to create one of the largest carnivals in Europe, complete with many extortionately overpriced hook-a-duck stalls and drunken louts starting fights with the stuffed gorillas you can win as prizes.

Due to this bad timing, instead I had to celebrate today’s occasion in other ways. I achieved this by eating sickly candy floss and greasy chips from a cone whilst sitting on the upper deck of the local circular bus, the Number 10. It took quite a while but I managed to view the entire perimeter of the city, and I even made sure to keep checking that my phone and wallet were still in my pockets, not make eye contact with any shifty characters, and steer clear of the vomit on the floor, exactly like when I visit the fair.

I would say that this was a cost-effective method of reproducing a ride on a Ferris wheel, albeit not as high up and certainly not as glamorous, romantic or fun, but I think it actually cost more due to me remaining there for the entire route. Plus it took a while for the driver to work out my ticket fare when I said, “Right the way round and back to here, please.”

Feeling like I might not have fully marked this day as much as I could have, I’m now going to sit back and enjoy one of my favourite eighties movies. Can you guess what it is? It’s about a certain someone having a legendary day off.

What a fun-filled Ferris double-whammy!


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