It’s Employee Appreciation Day, but I’m away from work this week for three reasons:

1) I need to take annual leave before the end of the financial year,

2) It’s the week of World Book Day and I paid visits to a couple of schools,

3) I fancied a week off.

With the second point in mind, I very much appreciated the kindness shown this morning by the employees of St Mary’s College (Hull), who gave me three great classes to teach and even supplied me with sandwiches, buns, coffee and apple juice.

I really enjoyed reading out my work (‘Steeped in Tradition’, ‘The Fabric of Time’ and ‘One Hometown, Many Homes’) to the Year 7, 8 and 9 classes, and for the final two lessons when I asked if anyone would like to read out the receptionist parts of ‘Aande’, six pupils joined me at the front of the class! This followed an equally fantastic visit to Kelvin Hall on Tuesday (see pic above), so really it’s been more like a week of appreciating employees than just a single day.

Anyway, I return to work on Monday, so hopefully I’ll be back at the receiving end of appreciation. I guess it depends on what state I left my projects in, not to mention my desk area.


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