Curling Is Cool Day. When I was a student, I watched curling tournaments every year as part of the Winter Olympics. I didn’t support a particular team, I just liked screaming the words ‘hard’, ‘up’ and ‘whoa’ randomly at the screen.

I was planning on finding a video from the 2001 edition, as this was when I lived in a shared house and would sit watching curling matches for far longer than any person should, but instead Google shoved Mark Roberts in my face.

Mark Roberts is a famous (or perhaps infamous) British streaker who has attended over 500 events in the buff, from football and synchronised swimming, to The Running of the Bulls (very brave, especially if he had sunburnt nether regions), the Super Bowl, Crufts and, that’s right, even curling, despite the risk of extreme shrinkage.

Is curling cool? Yes, yes it is. Did the unexpected appearance of a grown man with a beard on his face, rubber gloves on his hands, clothes pegs on his ears and a rubber chicken over his winkle make it even cooler? Of course it did, especially because the curling terms ‘hard’, ‘up’ and ‘whoa’ suddenly became highly inappropriate. Thank God for people like Mark Roberts, what would we do without them?


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