There are so many irritating little things that may pop up during your day, the type that can only be referred to as “First World problems”. Getting a nasty look from the bus driver because you only have twenties in your wallet; carrying your jacket around thanks to the sun making an unexpected appearance; squeezing too much mayo onto your double-stacked barbecue ranch burger and having to scrape a little bit off. Life can be tough.

Thursday 7th August was Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day, so I spent it productively by trawling the internet for amusing examples of unexpected packaging. (Why can’t someone create an app for that? FWP.)  So here we have…

1. The classic overkill packaging…

  1. Packaging4
  2. The simply unnecessary packaging… Packaging1
  3. The inadvertently inappropriate packaging… Packaging3
  4. The it-clearly-wasn’t-properly-packaged packaging… Packaging5
  5. The you-had-one-job packaging… Packaging6
  6. The you-should-hire-a-better-translator packaging… Packaging10
  7. The spatially confused packaging… Packaging9
  8. The I-just-lost-my-appetite packaging… Packaging7


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