If you follow any of my personal accounts you know that I love photography, it’s a hobby of mine and I in no way claim to be a professional and there are some stunning people out there that have amazing opportunities to take photos in some of the most beautiful parts of the world. I, on the other hand, don’t so I make do with what is around me in my city. I wanted to share with you today some photos that I have taken over the years that I love and really embrace Nature Photography Day.

Though this sad guy may not be your typical nature photograph, I really like how this turned out I took it without intention. It was a rainy day here in York and I was walking through the market and spotted this guy hiding under the roofed tables from the rain because no one like being out in the rain if they don’t have to.

When I started taking photos over 10 years ago now I was fascinated by macro photograph and the small insects in our world and I have a lot of photos of bugs and flowers in my archive. this is one of my favorites in there. It was a sunny day in the city and the bees were out busily collecting pollen and I got this snap of a couple of bees at work.

Nature has this way of adapting to whatever we as humans stick in its path, this, for example, is a spider that has made its new home on the corner of a monorail track. I took this at Chester Zoo in England and loved how the sun was shining through the fractured web. Now I’m not a fan of spiders but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the hard work that goes into making their webs.

Bird watchers help me out here I am not sure what type of bird this is but he/she was framed beautifully on this branch that I had to get a photo of him/her. Sometimes catching the photo you want of the nature around you can take time and this one took some patience as he/she kept bopping around this bush before settling for a second on the branch allowing me to get this shot.

Even now a lot of my photography looks like this I like isolating my subjects and blurring out the background to make them stand out even more. This was a happy coincidence as I was originally wanting to take a photo of just the flower but this busy horsefly came into the shot and just made it, I think anyway.  This type of photography make me happy, I love looking for the small details in our world and sharing them.

What is your favorite nature photo you have taken? Do you prefer sweeping landscapes or tiny creatures like me? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll feature some on our blog next time!

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