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Start us off with some nibbles

6th May, 2015 | Posted by in Blog
Start us off with some nibbles

Well I don’t about you but I’m glad that summer is back in full swing and what’s even better its Barbecue Month! Sunny days, fruity drinks and charcoal fires; what could be better for the start of summer.

But are you ready? Do you know what you are going serve at your next BBQ? Well let me help this month I’m gonna talk about hosting a summer BBQ from start to finish with a few extras. Lets get started!

Imagine it, it’s a Friday afternoon and it’s sunny and warm and you text all your friend’s “BBQ my place 6pm” but then you think whoa what am I going to serve!?

And your friends start turning up but the charcoals are stone cold what are you going to do!? Well let’s start with some nibbles to get people going while having a cold one.

Don’t they look mouthwatering. So next time you think about getting your friends round don’t leave them hanging on a empty stomach waiting for that burger to cook. Try one of these fab starters to get people in the mood and stay longer.

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