It’s time for another double occasion, and it’s a beauty!

Today celebrates the Indianapolis 500, the world-famous motorsport event that sees 33 turbocharged race cars take on the 2.5-mile track 250 consecutive times, resulting in an incredible 500-mile race. Now 101 years old (imagine how long it took back in 1911 – they probably didn’t cross the finish line before the outbreak of the Great War), the Indianapolis 500 is considered one of the three most important motorsport events, sitting proudly beside the Monaco Grand Prix and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Few know how it feels to zoom around this incredible racetrack, surrounded by thousands upon thousands of cheering spectators, but we can at least get a very slow and silent experience of it on our computer screens thanks to the newly loaded Google Street View. NNNNNNN-YOOOWWWWWW!!

Today is also Cellophane Tape Day, paying tribute to the stuff that makes gift wrapping a million times easier because it eradicates the need of three hands. As you can see above, I celebrated this occasion in my own little way. It was enjoyable, and now that I’ve ripped it off it’s saved me having to shave.


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