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Multitasking is all the rage these days! People are constantly on their phones, their computers, having conversations and trying to work through some document or even driving! No one seems to be able to take the time to handle just one thing at a time, and everything we’ve learned about it has told us that multitasking is, inevitably, a direct path to slip-shod performance and skill.

Not to mention it’s just plain exhausting! Wouldn’t it be refreshing to take all that away and just take a day to handle one thing at a time? Well, Single Task Day is your day to go back to the less harried, frantic, and inefficient way of doing things.

Single Task Day, what a relief!

Multi-tasking has been heralded as the greatest thing to happen to work effectively in the modern age, and it’s a buzzword and mark of pride to be ‘good’ at it. Unfortunately what this has led to is people including the term on their resumes “Excellent at multi-tasking!” and using it as a mark of just how good they are at messing up multiple things at once.

“What’s this you say? It messes up performance? Surely it helps you get more done at once!” Why yes, you’re quite right, it does, in fact, enable you to do more at once…. But all the research says that no matter how good you think you are at handling it, you’re not as good at any of it as you are if you focus on one thing at a time.

Single Task Day is there to help you get your work, and your stress level, back under control. And we’re going to tell you how!

One thing at a time

That’s right, just one thing. Don’t look at your phone while you’re making breakfast, don’t talk with the office while you’re driving there, and hold all your calls while you work on your current task. Take the time to really focus on each task and not let anything interfere. You’ll find that you’re less tired at the end of the day and that your work performance improves overall. It may mean that you have to let some things wait until later in the day, but you’ll get them all done far more efficiently.

So sit down and write out all the things you need to get done today, prioritize them, and work on them until they’re good and finished! Then go home and relax!