There were some excellent additions to the Oxford English Dictionary last month, and the majority of them begin with A. So here are what I reckon are the A-Team of September’s linguistic offerings, specially for Dictionary Day.

achoo – It’s great that the written representation of a sneeze has officially been added to our lexicon, but unfortunately the past participle of “Oh no, I’ve just achooed all over the vicar” remains absent. For now.

aghast – Not a new word in itself, but unlike before when it was only available as an adjective (“His foul language left me aghast”), it can now be used as a verb as well (“I specifically used foul language in order to aghast Her Ladyship”).

algivorous – Feeding on algae. Does what it says on the tin… the tin of algae that you’re having for dinner.

And finally, not so much a new word as a new sub-entry: album version – The version of a song that the band originally intended their listeners to hear, before all of the naughty bits were cut out to make it suitable for those that they would otherwise aghast.

Use these words wisely, sparingly, and above all, with style!


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