You know what my favorite part of Easter is? Jelly beans. Forget the eggs or the chocolate bunnies, you can have your marshmallow peeps and peanut butter filled chocolate candies. We don’t care about the baskets in the morning delivered form our favorite mythical lagomorph, there’s just one thing we want on that fables morning.

Jelly beans, tons and tons of Jelly beans. Brightly colored nodules of happiness, all scattered about in a varying array of taste based excitement. Ok, we’re not fans of the mint ones, and the spiced ones are just a little odd, and the creator of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans was just an irrepressible prankster. But we love them all the same, for all the good and all the bad that can come out of them. (Vomit flavored jelly beans in our Easter Baskets… People are evil.)

Where did Jelly Beans Come From Anyway?

The Jelly bean has a longer history than we suspected, first entering the scene in Boston in 1861. A fine gentleman by the name William Schrafft brought these delightful confections into the world and promoted the idea of sending Jelly Beans to soldiers during the American Civil War. From there they just exploded and became a hugely popular item.

Of course, given their general egg-like appearance, its little surprise that they quickly became associated with our favorite polychromatic egg-laying rabbit. From that day forward millions of jelly beans were produced and sold every year in celebration of this most excellent of holidays. But that’s not where it all stops!

They’ve been used as decorations on cakes and pastries, flavoring for drinks, some crazy people even wear them as jewelry. Which sounds like a terribly sticky situation to get oneself into, especially if it rains, but we’re not going to judge our fellow jellybean enthusiasts.

So… Jelly Bean Day? Why?

Because Jelly Beans are one of the most beloved candies in the world. Everyone from presidents to certain world-famous authors of wizardry are huge fans. They’ve been used for everything from encouraging our soldiers protecting countries throughout the world, to brightening a child’s day with something fun and colorful.

They’ve got a long history that has insinuated itself into holidays and celebrations of every type. So when Jelly Bean Day gets here, it’s time to indulge yourself in these delicious bean/egg shaped treats. And show the black ones some love, there aren’t enough licorice lovers in the world.

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