Each year we gather around our Christmas tree and open presents from friends and relations near and far. They always seem to know exactly what we want, or at least make the effort of ensuring that we have something to laugh about with them in years to come. Anyone who’s ever had the misfortunate of shopping during the holiday season knows that braving the lines and discount days is something only for the stoutest of heart. There’s a day dedicated to ensuring that we recognize these brave souls who have done everything they could to bring us Christmas cheer, and remember us in their shopping, and it’s Thank You Note Day.

Christmas Thank You Cards: Never Out Of Style
As long as the written word and Christmas Day have co-existed, Thank You Cards were considered an appropriate way to recognize the thoughtfulness of those who remembered you in their gift-giving efforts. The Victorians were perhaps the most renowned for their elaborate use of cards for expressing their thoughts and feelings to others. From Calling Cards to Dance Cards to remembrances of birthdays and holidays, the distinctive art-style of this era is still an icon of sophistication. They evoke memories of days gone by, and an era when family and togetherness seemed to ring out with a Dicken’s like air.

Christmas Cards in particular have been ensconced as a tradition, at no other time of year does the act of sending a simple card mean so much, and the styles available range from the simple to elaborate works of art including musical boxes and multi-dimensional art. One of the most forgotten, and arguably one of the most important, cards to be sent out during the holiday season is the Thank You Card.

Modern Day Courtesy
“Thank You” notes don’t need to be delivered in an elaborate snail-mailed variety to have meaning however. The internet is rife with e-card sites, and some of these can be incredibly amusing and show thoughtfulness in a way outside the reach of a normal Christmas card. You can often customize them with your own colors, fonts, message, and even music and animations! Some sites will even let you mix in images of your relatives into the imagery, making the card truly personalized. Best of all, most of the sources for these are completely free, their profit coming from the multiple ads spread across their site.
If such things don’t appeal to you or your recipient, than you can always fall back on the modern day letter, the e-mail. E-mail has multiple benefit for those who are particularly savvy, including the ability to send out the same email to multiple people without them knowing, making it seem like you gave each of them each individual attention. Such are the glories of the Blind-Carbon-Copy.

For the truly ambitious
Of course, you could also go all out and take the time to customize each card. You can even have a lot of fun with the kids with this by getting some basic card-stock paper and cutting out individual cards and letting them decorate it. There’s more to this practice than some simple token observance, by taking the time to put together something by hand it enforces the need to appreciate the thoughtfulness of others and to reciprocate with some of your own.
Thank You Note Day is the perfect time to recognize this, to pass forward the spirit of giving and love, and to start the next year on the right note.


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