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You know what everyone loves? Pizza. It’s easily the foundation of some of the most important events in our life. There was the day we first heard of Pizza, and then the day we ate our first bite of someone else’s pizza, and then when we had our own slice, and who can forget the first time we ordered our very first pizza and didn’t let anyone else have a slice on pain of death?

Yeah, those were special days. But some of us haven’t had the most special day to date, the most important event in their pizza-loving days has yet to come to pass. What day is that you ask? The day you discover that pizza comes in a rich thick mountain of toppings that you can almost literally dive into.

Layer after layer of gooey cheese, flavorful pepperoni, delicious salami, ground hamburger, sauce aromatic and spicy, it’s like having several pizzas all blended together into one magnificent feast.

Alright, What the heck are you talking about already?

Deep Dish Pizza my friends, sometimes known as a Chicago-Style pizza. For those innovative men and women of the Chicago pizza industry, simply having a pizza wasn’t enough. Maybe they just felt that pizza should be bigger, better, and fantastic. Maybe they just wanted to out-do New York (That crust *is* hard to beat, we have to admit), whatever the case they built the king of Pizzas, and the world got to glory in it.

So magnificent was this new innovation that an entire holiday was built around it. Deep Dish Pizza day is there for those who want to dig deeper, go further, and build monstrosities of human endurance that can only be sculpted in mozarella and meat, sauce and rich flavorful garlic crusts. (Alright, maybe we love pizza a little too much, but cna you blame us?)

So What’s This Day All About Anyway?

Haven’t you been listening? This day is all about the deepest, meanest dish of pizza you ever did see. It’s about letting your imagination run absolutely rampant and indulging your hedonistic tendencies to build the pizza you’ve always dreamed of. Want a multi-layer pepperoni pizza? Done.

Want to see how many layers of cheese you can put into a delicious pie? You got it. Want to taste what every topping put together tastes like (Except Anchovies, anyone who likes anchovies is an abomination) this is your opportunity to make it happen!

Deep Dish Pizza Day is about the best, the ultimate, the largest of all pizza dreams out there. this Deep Dish Pizza Day, don’t dream it, be it.