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The Name For the Machine

19th Nov, 2015 | Posted by in Blog
The Name For the Machine

Here’s a quiz for you. There’s an object in your home that you share more time with than you do with your significant other. It sits on a desk and doesn’t go anywhere, but it takes you on trips around the world and through time. The idea of it ceasing to function brings you more turmoil than the possibility that your car might break down. If you’re partner said it was it or them… You’d have to think a minute.

That’s right! It’s your PC! And Name Your PC Day is when you finally take the leap with it that you took with your car two days into owning it. Name your PC!

But What To Name It?
Considering how much time you spend with it you’re probably going to put more thought into what to call your electronic baby than you do deciding what to call the real one. You can reach into any aspect of your life, from your fandom to your work, to your geekdom. My first computer was called Alexandria, after the mythic library, my next was changed to the Mabinogion, after the Welsh Mythical Cycle. Most recently I have a computer called Kalevala, named after the Finnish Mythological text that is my current obsession. Yes, I have an obsession with history and mythology, why do you ask?

Names for your computer should represent something of the owner. My Whovian friend named hers “Rose”, while other friends named them “T-1000” and “Heart Of Gold”. There’s little you can’t draw on to find a good name for your computer.

Does it Matter?
Naming your PC is really a personal choice, and is mostly a method of further self-expression on a device that carries you everywhere in your life. Think about it, you’re connected to your cloud by your PC, by your Phone (Which doubtless has its photos stored on that self-same machine), you watch movies and listen to music on it. Your PC has effectively become the backbone of your entire life.

For some of us, it’s even the heart and soul of your method of producing income. Whatever role your PC plays in your life, make sure to give it a name it deserves!