You know they’ve been there for you through everything, sometimes they were the reason you were going through it. Best friends are an amazing class of individual, the sort who will just walk into your house, get into your fridge, and lay on the couch waiting for you to come home. Did we mention you weren’t there? They don’t care, they’re your best friend, and your home is their home. Best Friends’ Day celebrates these amazing and supportive individuals with a holiday of their very own!

How do you identify a best friend?

They are an elusive breed, and identifying them can sometimes be challenging. So we’re going to do you the favor of showing you some of the signs that your life has become infested with that lovable pest, the best friend.

1. They Speak Your Language –
Are your conversations regularly looked on as being utterly incomprehensible by others? Is your knowledge of joint fandoms so deep that you make the same references with only a wink and a smile? This is a prime sign of a best friend.

2. Personal Space? –
Yeah, Best Friends know nothing of personal space. If you have a personal bubble, they’re likely inside of it the moment they see you. Privacy? Don’t try using the restroom in peace, they won’t even check to see if you’re in there, they’ll just walk in. Also, don’t be surprised if you’re woken up at 2am by them tapping on your forehead and saying ‘Ok, wakey wakey, it’s time to go out!’

3. You At Your Most Horrible –
Sometimes you two will forget there are others around, and the jokes will start flying fast and furious. It isn’t until you finally look up and see the horrified faces on those around you that you realize you two are completely socially unacceptable together. Oh well, you get each other’s humor, right?

4. Facebook Stalker –
When you make a post on facebook, they’re almost always the first person to like it, and respond, probably with a witty in-joke that makes everyone around you cringe. Except you, you just die laughing.

5. Your Worst Enemy –
You remember every stupid thing you did, ever? They do! Not only do they remember, but they’ve got them catalogued by most humorous, most embarrassing, and the gold standard ones, both! They’ll be bringing them out at your wedding when they’re standing as your best man, so be ready.

These are just 5 ways to identify these creatures, and if you have one in your life consider yourself blessed. There’s nothing like a best friend to make you feel at home in a world of people who just don’t get you. Best Friends’ Day is your call to honor them and spend some time being terrible together, so get on it!

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