We love seeing new projects around days, not only days of the year but the days of the week also give off their own vibe as well. Don’t you think? Well the guys over at Flydra Creative thought so, so they are creating an animated series based on the days of the week! You got it, Monday has good intentions but is often the most misunderstood, Friday is the guy to be with cool, calm and collected.

But don’t let me tell you about it here is Jabril to let you know a bit more about it.

Introduce yourself.

I’m Jabril Mack, Creator of The Weeklings. The Weeklings is an animated comedy series starring the Days of the Week! The series chronicles the everyday adventures of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Each character has the personality of how each day feels.

What inspired you start The Weeklings?

I’ve always been interested in why everyday feels different. When people say stuff like “ It feels like a Thursday!” “I thought it was Friday.” we all generally understand what they mean by that. That really inspired me! It suddenly hit me, these characteristics would make great personalities. It all snowballed from there. What’s great about animation is that you can make anything a character, even a day!

How did you get started?

As things developed my team and I decided to fill the show with characters based on holidays from all over the world. It would be a great chance a lot of really cool characters and also help us combat the lack of cultural representation in the media today. Every culture has really cool traditions and I want to showcase them. Once all that was decided we all took trips all over the world to experience these different celebrations. We’ve been to Mexico, England, South Africa….one of our team members is just getting back from Oktober fest! We hope these experiences will help us create a show full of unique, funny and interesting characters.

What has been the biggest challenge in making the Weeklings?

The hardest thing is figuring out what a day looks like! What does Monday look like? How to you visually show Valentine’s Day? What are days? Are they monsters? human? Spirits??? It’s an idea that could be very abstract but we had to reign it in to make these guys relatable. We designed their world to resemble ours in places to ground it. Even though it doesn’t take place on earth, it feels like a familiar place. They live in this busy and diverse metropolitan city that I’m really excited to get the chance to explore!

Where do you see The Weeklings going? Just on the internet or would you like to see it on network tv?

We do hope the Weeklings will be on network TV. We are raising money to make a pilot episode that we can use to pitch to networks! We’ve pitched it around and the basic consensus is that the idea is great but we are too young. Which makes sense; I get it! I’m not someone to wait around though. We want to make the pilot so that we can make a funny show to prove that we have what it takes. All of our backers will be able to watch the cartoon before anyone else in the world and along the way we have really fun rewards to thank them for believeing in us and the idea.

What has been your favorite moment so far?

Seeing everyone embrace the characters and the idea! These characters have been in my head or more than a year now and you never know how people will react to stuff, but so far there has been nothing but love from a lot of people. I’m truly appreciative and more motivated than ever to make the best cartoon possible!

What day is your favorite?

Friday. For obvious reasons. In our show, I like him because he’s a cool guy but not a jerk. He’s a truly good person. He also has a kind of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing going too. TO contrast his normally cool demeanor he also has is Friday the 13th alter ego that is the complete opposite. 13th is like a crazy Tasmanian Devil Werewolf creature that Friday transforms into on full moons!

From a personal perspective, what’s your favorite Day Of The Year, and why?

Puppy Day! I LOVE PUPPIES! The day happens to fall on my birthday! For our Kickstarter backers, we are going to bring puppies into the studio to play this March. I can’t wait! Basically, I’m doing all this just so I can bring puppies in for a day.

If you want to help these guys bust their target head on over to their Kickstarter page and let’s help them smash their target!

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