Loomis Day is a unique one; it commemorates the invention by Mahlom Loomis, which opened the world to long-distance message transferral via fine-tuned signals through electrical connection.


Despite being defunct, there are telegraph poles at the end of my street. This is because I live in an area that contains so many outdated features that none of them ever become anachronistic. The local ice cream van could play We’re Going to Hang out the Washing on the Siegfried Line and nothing would seem amiss.

So I put my shoes on and headed outside to take a photo, then realised that you can see a pole literally from my doorstep (at least I think this is a telegraph pole).

Thank you, Loomis. Thank you for this spiderweb of wires above my terrace that, in all honesty, I really do associate with home sweet home.


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