As you may already be aware, for every day there’s a Day. For example, the second day of November is Deviled Egg Day, so don’t forget that one or the yolk’s on you. *chortle*

But seriously, every day of the year has a special occasion to mark it, and barely a week goes by without there being two within a single day. However, it’s a rare occurrence indeed when not one, not two but three special celebrations are allocated to a single twenty-four hour period. Intrigued? Read on, dear followers, read on!

Everyone knows that the faithful hound is man’s best friend, so Dog Day< on Monday 26th August is a time to not only treat your loving pet, but perhaps even adopt or sponsor a dog through a registered charity. Meanwhile, Women’s Equality Day is here to remind us who’s boss (sorry, gents), so perhaps even combine the two by referring to your pooch as woman’s best friend for the day.

Have you ever remarked that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? We’re sure you have, but chances are you don’t know where the phrase originates. Cue Margaret Wolfe Hungerford, an Irish novelist who always wrote under the pseudonym of The Duchess in the US, and who first used the term in her novel Molly Bawm. “The Duchess” Who Wasn’t Day on Tuesday 27th August is the perfect time to check out Hungerford’s works.

Race Your Cursor Around the Icons Day is as silly, pointless and satisfying as it sounds. We know you don’t need persuading, so spend Wednesday 28th August procrastinating in the most PC (or Mac) way possible.

Whether it’s coriander, marjoram, oregano or bouquet garni, it’s so much healthier and more flavoursome to add herbs to your meal in place of salt. More Herbs, Less Salt Day on Thursday 29th August is an opportunity to wow your friends’ taste buds by adding a dash of dill or a pinch of parsley, and when you use sage, make sure to do so wisely. *herb pun*

Are you ready for the funnest day ever? Friday 30th August is both Slinky Day and Toasted Marshmallow Day! Chances are it’s completely by chance that these occasions coincide, but no one cares why something is the case when it means you get to race flexible springs down the stairs whilst giving yourself a gooey white tash!

Here it is; that triple occasion we mentioned. Saturday 31st August is Trail Mix Day, Franchise Appreciation Day and Love Litigating Lawyers Day, so… er… buy some fruit and nut from a franchise health food store for your attorney friend… maybe. *anticlimactic cough*

And finally, Sunday 1st September is Emma M. Nutt Day, which celebrates the life of everyone’s favourite historical telephone operator, who worked in the industry for thirty-three years. Plus it’s also Calendar Adjustment Day, remembering the bizarre occasion when the population of Britain and its American colonies went to sleep on the evening of 2nd September 1752, and awoke the next morning to discover it was 14th September. Sadly, no crazy science or time-slip magic was involved; it was simply the UK adjusting to the Gregorian calendar. However, riots did ensue and it wasn’t pretty, so take this as a reason to appreciate how lucky we are to not suddenly lose eleven days of our calendar-based lives.

Thanks for reading. Now go seize the day!


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