With the days starting to warm up and daylight lasting that little bit longer, it’s time to get out in the garden and plant those bulbs, you have been holding on to. You should, by now, be seeing spring arriving in your garden, with new growth on your trees and bushes (unless you have evergreens) as spring begins to take hold. Daffodils should be blooming in abundance, brightening up their surroundings along with crocus‘ in a variety of colors.

With the sun shining stronger, its warmth can be felt and the plants respond according; sadly so too do the weeds so you need to make sure that you remove them before they take hold. Treat where you can and dig up where you can’t, remember that any treatments you do use keep your pets out of the garden for the correct amount of time. We wouldn’t want them to get poorly!

Depending on where you’re located in the world, March may or may not be the best time to be planting anything, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a flowerpot and do it at home. So if it is nice and warm in March where you live, set a little bit of time aside on this holiday to sow some seeds in your yard or garden.

If you have trees or shrubs to plant then make sure you give them enough of a top dress with compost or manure, to ensure the take to their new homes. If you are able to use your own home made compost then do so. If not you can always head to your local garden centre to top up your supplies! And why not pick up to more flowers while you’re there for your hanging pots or window sills?

If you only have small space, don’t worry. There are a variety of summer-flowering bulbs can also be grown in pots, hanging baskets and other containers, to brighten up a rock garden or a patio. In fact, if you plant your bulbs in a container that’s a few sizes smaller than looks comfortable, it’ll nudge them to burst into bloom, and you know what that means, early flower bouquets for indoors!

So if it is nice and warm in March where you live, set a little bit of time aside on Plant a Flower Day to sow some seeds in your yard or garden. This could also serve as the perfect time to take your children outside and explain a bit about how nature works its magic, what helps plants grow, why we need them, and what we can do to help protect out planet from pollution.

So, what will you be planting out in the garden? I have a few bulbs to get ready to go into the ground, what’s your favorite flower to plant at this time of year?

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