How would you define “awesome”? I don’t mean a dictionary definition, I mean your personal explanation of what qualifies as being awesome.

Is it an occurrence that makes your heart beat faster and goosebumps ripple across your forearms? Is it when you fall totally in love with an idea, or see an object that you simply have to own? Maybe it’s when someone does something so creative, beautiful, selfless, clever or courageous that you wish fate had dealt you a different hand and you were living their life. Or is it as simple as finding a pound coin on the floor on the day you forgot your lunch money?

Whatever it may be, make sure to celebrate it on Monday 10th March, for it is on this day that we are treated to the most fantastic, excellent and bodacious occasion of them all: the official Day of Awesomeness.

How will you pay tribute? I’m doing it by bringing your attention to my mate Steve “SteJay” Jefferson, a designer, musician and masked avenger who claims to have seen the curvature of the Earth with his own eyes whilst taming a unicorn, all while being the official Destroyer of Souls.

SteJay’s LinkedIn profile is simply awesome; his employment history ranges from Bear Wrestler to Soldier of Fortune and his skills include dragon slaying, justice, wishful thinking and egg donation (I added that last one to his profile myself), all of which you can endorse. Plus if you ever need to get in contact with SteJay, there are plenty of convenient options: Activate the bat signal. Place a message in a bottle. Fire a flare into the sunset. Turn on your radio at sunrise.

Don’t deny yourself a slice of the awesomeness that is SteJay’s mind and creativity. Follow him on Twitter but whatever you do, don’t cross him. He once high-fived a tiger to make a panda jealous and threw a tennis ball into the centre of the sun; have you got a death wish?


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