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Turtley awesome, dude!

23rd May, 2012 | Posted by in Blog

I’m certain that everyone loves TMNT to the extent that I’m not even going to bother to clarify what ‘TMNT’ stands for, although I will point out that today is Turtle Day.

Donatello was always my fave, mainly because he was an inventor, scientist and logical thinker. Plus he had a massive stick to hit people with.

My brother, meanwhile, loved Raphael – the aggressive, violent, sarcastic, sai-toting madman. Good call.

Whoever your favourite TMNT character was (or still is), you have to agree that you’d love to dropkick Krang. Don’t feel guilty, it’s just one of those things. After all, he was a supervillain brain in a mechanical body, hell-bent on enslaving the human race, with a laugh like an old woman drowning in jelly – acting like that is always going to get you banished back to Dimension X, you know?

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