Seriously… twenty occasions… in seven days… twenty of ’em…

Monday 30th December. Two days until the diet begins. It’s also Bacon Day. ‘Nuff said.

Shhhhhh! I mean it! Tuesday 31st December is No Interruptions Day, the last chance to get stuff done before a new year begins, so zip it and get cracking!

I’ve always known that new listings are regularly added to the DOTY calendar, but Wednesday 1st January has really opened my eyes. This time last year there was only Z Day to celebrate (nothing to do with zombies), but now there’s also Polar Bear Swim Day (that’ll wake you up), Bloody Mary Day (to reheat your blood), and Commitment Day (far more hardcore than a flaky New Year’s resolution).

Thursday 2nd January sees EVEN MORE occasions squeezed into a single twenty-four hours, so here they are: Personal Trainer Awareness Day (time to get fit), Cream Puff Day (conflicts a bit with the previous one), Buffet Day (again, not helping), Science Fiction Day (celebrate the science fiction that buffets and cream puffs will help your fitness regime), and Happy Mew Year Day For Cats Day (for serious).

Drinking Straw Day and Chocolate Covered Cherry Day both fall on Friday 3rd January. If, like me, you plan to combine them by attempting to eat choccy cherries through a straw, for the love of God don’t choke!

ANOTHER DAY WITH FIVE OCCASIONS!! Saturday 4th January is… *takes deep breath*… World Braille Day, Trivia Day, Pop Music Chart Day, Hypnotism Day and… *cheeks turn purple*… Spaghetti Day. *collapses*

After a crazy week, it’s time to relax. Sunday 5th January presents Bird Day, but sadly it’s not a time for sitting in the garden and watching the chaffinches flap around, which is probably for the best because unless you’re in Australia it’ll be freezing outside. Instead, this occasion is a time to appreciate our feathered friends and further understand the problems their numbers face due to natural and manmade factors. And remember, there’s a charity for birds in practically every country, from the RSPB in the UK to the ABC in the US – can you spare them a few pennies? Oh, it’s also Whipped Cream Day, so maybe have a blackbird pie whilst you’re at it. *evil cackle*

Thanks for reading. Now go seize the day!


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