I’m honestly very disappointed that I don’t have any personal experiences to share with you for Paranormal Day. The reason for this is because, although a massive scaredy-cat, I love the idea of the unexplained, yet everything that happens in my house is explainable.

Not a night goes by that I don’t hear a bump or two, and I’ll often go downstairs in the morning to find things not quite where I left them. Drops of water may be found on the floor without any sign of a leak and, if you listen closely, breathing can be heard coming from behind the sofa or beneath the bed.

Creepy stuff right? Enough to give you goosebumps and drive you to turn all the lights on. But I’m afraid it’s just my cats, the attention-seeking little fleabags.

Still, I do know people who have witnessed paranormal activity, and I don’t just mean that they went to the cinema. From noticing movement behind their reflection in the mirror, despite no one being there, to having their long hair lifted high above their head – I find people’s accounts of such happenings absolutely fascinating.

But like I say, alas, nothing ever happens to me. I guess I’ll just go read for a bit… that’s if I can stop the book’s pages from slowly turning themselves, plus my recliner appears to be upside down and on the ceiling. How very curious.


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