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Everyone has them, little secrets tucked away that bite at their conscience, reminding us with pinpricks of guilt of times that we’ve done things we’re not proud of. Maybe you simply “borrowed” something from a friend or family member without asking, lifting it from some innocuous place in their home. Maybe you walked out of a store without paying for something, or perhaps you passed on a piece of misinformation for the purposes of furthering your own interests. It’s not just me, is it?

True Confessions Day is a day dedicated to clearing our conscience of these old offenses by admitting them to someone. It may not be the person who was actually affected by your indiscretion, but at least you’ll know that the secret no longer sits within your own black heart like cancer.

Like cancer? Melodramatic much?

Really not. You see, research has proven that being honest is actually good for your health. When you’re being openly honest it’s been shown that you actually experience fewer periods of depression, and suffer from fewer headaches and sore throats. Sore throats? Maybe all that lying goes right to the source to punish you, eh?

Stress, as you may be aware, is also quite the killer. When your entire life is built on the flimsy structure that’s an ever-increasing bed of lies, it’s not surprising that it becomes a little stressful trying to keep it all in check. As the old saying goes: “Tell the truth, you’ll have less to remember.”

Not only that, but deep meaningful connections with other people are vital to a happy life, and happiness is one of the greatest contributors to a long life. When you’re constantly lying, you’re also distancing yourself from real connections with other people, which immediately precludes the building of these types of relationship.

Alright, we get your point. Anything else?

Oh yes, quite a bit more actually. Your reputation is one of the most valuable resources you have, and while you get to decide what kind of reputation you want to cultivate, no one really appreciates someone incapable of honesty. It will get out, they will find out, and it can damage you in every aspect of your life.

Liars also have a tendency to tell little lies habitually, even when it isn’t entirely necessary. This can add to that reputation thing, and have a negative impact on your career. When you’re known to be reliable and consistent, you’re going to be far more likely to be considered for promotion and greater responsibility. Dishonest people are only promoted within political circles.
So remember, when True Confessions Day comes around, set yourself free of these burdens and get on the path to a happier future by confessing just a few of your darker secrets to a trusted friend, perhaps one with a habit.