This week you get to talk like a pirate because it’s your constitutional right!

Family is very important, even if its members aren’t related by blood. Stepfamily Day on Monday 16th September celebrates the less traditional but increasingly common surrogate and combined families that are just as essential to society as the more conventional nuclear version. Time to “step” it up a notch!

If you’re an American citizen, have you ever truly thought about why you have rights, such as freedom of speech and the ability to vote for who runs your country? Constitution Day on Tuesday 17th September is a time to brush up on your history, especially the crucial year of 1787 when the historic document itself was signed.

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. Well, there’s plenty to drink, but one day our supplies could run dry (and turn dirty and diseased in the process). Water Monitoring Day on Wednesday 18th September encourages us all to reduce water usage where possible, both now and in the future. From having a shower instead of a bath to only filling the kettle as much as required, a little change can make a huge difference in the long run.

ARRRRRRR, me hearties! Thursday 19th September be Talk Like A Pirate Day, so get them timbers shivering and mainbraces spliced, for there’s bounty to be plundered, rum to be drunk, and wenches to be treated with as much respect as befits a captain (this is the 21st century, don’t forget).

It’s a shame that Punch Day doesn’t fall a little earlier, as drinking it whilst talking like a pirate would be great fun. Never mind, at least it’s just in time for the weekend, so Friday 20th September is going to be a red-cheeked, slurred-speeched day of fruity fun!

It’s a recognised fact that things are always more fun when they’re smaller than usual – from Shrinky Dinks to micro pigs, being tiny really does have its merits. That’s why Saturday 21st September is cause for teeny but totally awesome celebration. Why? Because it’s Miniature Golf Day of course! However, it’s also Coastal Cleanup Day and Eat An Apple Day so… yeah… do those things too.

Sunday 22nd September ends the week with triple the fun, as White Chocolate Day, Hobbit Day and Wife Appreciation Day all fall at the same time. So buy the wife some yummy white chocolate to show your appreciation of her wonderfulness, and maybe even shave her feet whilst you’re at it?

Thanks for reading. Now go seize the day!


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