Cut Your Energy Costs Day? Man, that’s not a very exciting one. I mean it’s important, yeah, but not exciting. It’s barely even interesting, at least when you take into account that this blog post has to be about me, personally, reducing my energy usage in my own home. Hmm… well first of all I guess I’ll unplug the life-size animatronic T-Rex that I keep in the front garden to deter burglars, that should save the National Grid a megawatt or two.

The thing about my house is that I live alone; I don’t leave lights on when I’m out of the room; I never leave the TV on standby; all of my bulbs are the energy saving variety and I’m already pretty conscious about how much power I use. So it’s quite difficult for me to cut down my consumption without turning off the computer, and doing that would mean that I couldn’t write this blog post. There’s a catch-22 if ever there was one.

So instead I thought about how I can use less energy in the long-run, such as defrosting the freezer regularly, making sure the kettle is only heating as much water as required, and just using the washing machine on a certain day, thereby preventing unnecessary small loads.

I’m feeling good about this as I can achieve all of these things, but I still need to do something right now so that this day has seen me take immediate action. Right, only one thing for it, I’ll have to switch off the compu—


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