Start your week by asserting your individuality and then end it by embracing the world, and there’s plenty of other stuff to celebrate in-between!

How long’s it been since you last wore your Spider-Man costume to work? Is your moustache as wacky as it can be? Just what exactly is wrong with walking backwards in the street whilst telling strangers about your love of asparagus? Monday 9th September is Wonderful Weirdos Day, so do what makes you feel good even if “The Man” and “society” will give you a funny look in the process.

How do you go about making lace? Is it simply for decoration or are you the type that gives a handmade cushion to every family member for Christmas? Tuesday 10th September is Lace Making Day as well as Swap Ideas Day, so if you’re going to have an exchange of thoughts and opinions, make sure to include a few based around fine open fabric.

As we’re sure you’ll be aware, 11th September (a Wednesday this year) is Patriot Day, remembering the catastrophic events of 9/11 back in 2001. A day to reflect, remember and pay respects, what’s essential is that we should only blame the individuals that carried out this heinous act, not the religion or country they belonged to as a whole. Very much separated from this solemn time yet coincidentally taking place within the same 24-hour period is Hot Cross Bun Day, so it’s also time to crack out the good butter!

Whether you’re into your Assassin’s Creed cloaks, World of Warcraft swords or the pixelated paradise worlds of Sonic and Mario, Thursday 12th September is Video Games Day. Pick up that controller and hold down X, B or whatever else you need to win!

This blog post can only be so long or it becomes too much to digest, and quadruple occasions completely work against brevity! So let’s just say that Friday 13th September is going to be a busy one as it’s Programmers’ Day, Peanut Day, Stand Up To Cancer Day and Roald Dahl Day. Scrumdiddlybunkum!

“Mmmuuuhhhguummmffff. Fmmmuurggggg. Glomph.” Sorry about that, it’s very rude to speak with your mouth full, but then Saturday 14th September is Eat A Hoagie Day and it would also be rude not to!

Finish your week by loving your planet and taking part in Green Peace Day. You don’t necessarily have to chain yourself to a tree or release a circus lion into the forest (which would be a mistake in itself anyway), but have a think about what you can do to help Mother Earth and then do it! Also, you can do all of this whilst looking very dapper indeed, as Sunday 15th September is also Felt Hat Day. Fabulous!

Thanks for reading. Now go seize the day!


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