It’s a double celebration: Women’s Day and Proof Reading Day. However, I proofread seven days a week, every week of the year, be it for a work project, a personal piece of writing, or indeed this very blog, so I think I’ve celebrated that quite enough already. Women it is, then!

A friend of mine, Danni Mac, is through to the second round of Miss Tattoo UK, and rightly deserved too as she’s a right rock chick! By day she works (or at least eats crisps and reads Heat) in a theatre, and by night she… well, I don’t want to know what she gets up to at night, but I can imagine it’s unsavoury in some respect or other.

Anyway, it’d be amazing if she actually became Miss Tattoo UK, so please vote for her.

And whilst we’re talking about Danni Mac AND the fairer sex in general, I’ll take the opportunity to give a shout-out to H.A.R.D. (Hull’s Angels Roller Dames), the local roller derby team, as Danni’s currently training with them. Plus I also know Rae-Zor Lite (they all have cool team member names) and Pixel Vixen, the latter of whom designs, screen-prints and sells ace T-shirts and other products with her fella through their own company, Font Yeti.

So that’s quite a bit of wimmins appreciatin’ there, from ink under your skin and wheels inside your shoes, to Ghostly Ghosts on your chest.

Now to go prepare my dinner in the kitchen, just like a wo— er… wonderful creator of evening meals. *phew*

Danni Mac’s photo © Carl Greene, Photographer – Visit website


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