The world has been completely changed by the introduction of radio, and while the electromagnetic radiation that serves as the foundation of radio technology was discovered in the late 1800’s, the technology that came along as a result continues to change our world.

Do You Radio?

When people think of radio, the first things that come to mind are often music stations, talk radio, the news, or “Who needs radio? I have my internet stations!” They completely neglect to realize that the foundation of wifi technology is this self-same technology. What about that phone in your hand? That’s right, your ‘cell signal’ is dependent on towers that broadcast and receive radio intelligence that includes every text, every tweet, every picture and video you’ve ever sent or received.

Amazing isn’t it? Our world is filled with invisible waves that blanket everything, and our treasured interconnectedness is totally built on the back of this. It’s for this reason that the Spanish Radio Academy took the steps to establish World Radio Day, with the first one being celebrated in February of 2012.

Celebrating Radio Day

There’s a lot going on on Radio Day, with celebrations being hosted on radio stations all over the world. If you’re reading this on Radio Day, you’re already celebrating in some small way, as your internet signal is most likely coming from a phone tapping into the cell network with radio waves, or transmitting through your home to the Wi-Fi Router.

We really enjoy Radio Day, and look forward to each year to gathering in a local park where music gets played over radios tapping into the local radio networks, news gets pulled in through our phones, and we feel connected both in person, and through the airwaves.

A New Hobby for Radio Day

Radio Day is a great opportunity to revive an old hobby that used to be the foundation of worldwide communications. People used to communicate around the world using Ham Radios, broadcast stations that people had in their home that they used to communicate with the world at large.

Radio waves, on the right day, could skip all the way around the globe. Ham radios were the predecessors of CB radios, which are used by long haul truckers even today. Pick yourself up a set and find yourself connected throughout the world to other Hams. (Ham was a term for an amateur radio operator)

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