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Written Word Revived!: Handwriting Day brings back the art of the pen.

16th Jan, 2016 | Posted by in Blog
Written Word Revived!: Handwriting Day brings back the art of the pen.

There was a time when the option to express yourself through writing didn’t exist. First it was due to a lack of a written word, then with the arrival of cuneiform writing (that’s reed tips pressed into clay to form shapes) some few had the opportunity to both use and implement this writing. It wasn’t until much later that more written languages were devised and tools for them became easier to come by and transport. With Handwriting Day there’s a call back to this increasingly obsolete form of writing, and the intimacy that comes with taking the time to pen word to paper.

History of Handwriting
But for much more time after that, literacy was far from being wide-spread, so while the ability to transfer information through the written word existed, there were precious few who could discern the meanings of those powerful little marks on paper. Thankfully a printing press and thousands of years passed bringing literacy to most of the modern world, and with it beautiful instances of how the written word can transfer meaning.

So significant is handwriting to personal expression, that each person’s writing style is completely unique, just like a fingerprint. Equally unique are our choice of word and turn of phrase, each one leading its way to a rather powerful expression of self. Now, through poetry, storytelling, or even just simply writing a letter or card to someone, you can send an intimate piece of who you are that will stand through the ages.

The written word has had an important part to play in communication between people, not just on the academic and governmental levels, but on the most base of personal communications. Love letters and letters of anger, Dear John letters, and simple announcements of having dropped by with a calling card all have been part of the history of this most important art.

How to Celebrate Handwriting Day
When Handwriting Day comes around, it’s time to revive this slowly dying art. There is so much that can be said and done with the pen that can be treasured throughout the years of your family and friends. Rather than shooting off an email to relative you haven’t seen in a while, take the time to choose some nice stationary and write them a meaningful letter that covers the events of your life. Tell them what they mean to you, or just recount a day in your life that was humorous or difficult.

Throughout the Holidays, take the time to select a card and send it to those on your list. This simple act sends a beautiful message to everyone, and shares your love of them not just then, but for as long as they keep the card. Emails are easy these days (especially with BCC), so a personally written card goes a long way towards making your message special.