While there are certainly some people who do not like cheese or cannot eat it for health reasons, most other people would agree that it is one of the best ingredients for food recipes that was ever invented! 

After all, so many different types of cheese exist, and there are such a variety of ways that it can be enjoyed. From toasted cheese sandwiches to pizzas, to different kinds of pasta and sauces, cheese can be devoured in a multitude of ways. 

For those who are big fans of cheese, this day gives the ideal opportunity to eat as much of it as desired. 

It’s time to celebrate Cheese Day!

History of Cheese Day

Cheese Day has been going on for quite some time now and it has a rich background of fun and, well, cheese. The day was first established in 1914, with the origins being traced to Monroe, Wisconsin in the United States. 

For more than 100 years, this day has been celebrated biennially (every other year) and there are a ton of different festivities that go on during this event in Monroe, WI. These have been known to include a two-hour parade, traditional Swiss-Germanic music (waltzes and polkas), club stands, crafts, carnival rides, restaurants, and local food to enjoy. The event actually lasts for more than just Cheese Day, but all weekend long where more than 100,000 people visit each time it is held. Check out the cheese days website for more information.

For those unfortunate folks who don’t have the pleasure of living near Monroe, do a little bit of digging online to see if there are any events that are going on in a local town instead. 

Cheese Day is all about learning more about cheese, celebrating cheese, eating cheese–and not feeling guilty about it! In addition, Cheese Day is all about embracing this culinary delight, getting well educated about all things related to cheese, and trying out different recipes that incorporate this amazing ingredient. 

What is not to like? Maybe it’s not for everyone, but Cheese Day is certainly a day that meets with the approval of so many people all over the world! 

How to Celebrate Cheese Day

There are so many different ways that you can celebrate Cheese Day. Try one of these or come up with other creative ideas: 

Host a Cheese Tasting Party 

One of the best ways is to have a cheese-tasting afternoon with family and friends. Have each person bring a different type of cheese and a different kind of wine. Then relax and have fun eating some good food and trying out some wine flavors that might be a new experience. 

Hosting a cheese tasting party is fairly simple, but there may be a few details to pay attention to in order to get it just right. In addition to buying cheese and wine, there’s a bit of setup that will take it from average to awesome. 

  • Add to the shopping list little bits such as olives, crusty bread, grapes, chutneys and berries. Put these all out on the table to compliment the taste of the cheese. 
  • Make the place look just that much more lovely by adding a few vases full of fresh flowers. In addition, the tables will need some wooden cutting boards, a selection of knives, small serving plates, plus a collection of wine glasses. 
  • Prepare ahead of time with a bit of knowledge about each cheese that will be served so that suggestions can be given for tasting combinations. 

Visit a Cheesemonger or Cheese Shop 

Another way to celebrate Cheese Day is by visiting a cheesemonger or going to a professional cheese tasting experience. This is a great way to soak in all of the knowledge about cheese from those who know everything that there is to know. Get ready to try some interesting samples, asking the shop owner for a taste of the most unique cheeses on hand. Remind them that it’s Cheese Day and maybe they’ll even offer a discount! 

Eat a Cheese Based Meal 

Of course, enjoying a cheese-based meal is a must on Cheese Day. There are a lot of different ways that you can give a nod to Cheese Day in this way. It could be something as simple as ordering an extra dose of cheese on a takeaway pizza. 

Or, maybe it’s time to try and do something a little bit different in the world of cheese? Those who typically have parmesan on their spaghetti or mozzarella on their pizza, why not try substituting it for a different type of cheese? 

Get a little bit creatie and spend some time looking for some unique and inspiring recipes for cheese dishes online, and attempt to recreate them at home. 

Learn about Different Types of Cheese 

There are so many different kinds and varieties of cheese available from cultures the world over. From the common and well-known ones, like brie and cheddar, to some of the lesser-known and more peculiar varieties, like burrata or lancashire cheese. In fact, it has been rumored that they even sell human milk cheese in New York! 

Check out these different types of cheeses that are unique and interesting: 

  • Olomouc Cheese from the Czech Republic. This cheese is a bit infamous due to the fact that it comes with such a strong (some would say stinky!) odor. Walk into any shop that sells it and it’s the first thing anyone can smell! Named after the city wherein Moravia where it originated, this is a ripened soft cheese that has been made for more than 600 years. 
  • Drunken Goat Cheese from Spain. This is made by curing unpasteurized goat cheese in red wine for approximately 48-72 hours. It’s a semi-firm cheese that is also known as Murcia al Vino, indicating the type of goat it is made from. 
  • Gjetost Cheese (“yay-toast”) from Norway. This unique cheese is made from a blend of cow’s milk and goat’s milk. It comes in a block and has a dark orange, almost brownish color that makes it look like chocolate. Plus, it’s a little sweet so it tastes a bit like caramel fudge–perfect with a cup of coffee!

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