Our favourite Day on Mon Jul 6th, 2020...

Mon Jul 6th, 2020

International Kissing Day

There are as many types of kiss as there are people to pucker up, and who doesn’t love a good kiss? Whether it’s a quick friendly peck on the cheek between friends, or a long, passionate tongue-lashing between new partners...

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Mon Jul 6th, 2020

Fried Chicken Day

The bird gets the spotlight on Fried Chicken Day, and stomachs are rumbling already. Move over vegetarians, there’s a deep-fried chicken leg and breast coming this way! Learn about Fried Chicken Day Fried chicken, otherwise known as Southern fried chicken, is a...
Sat Aug 8th, 2020

Cereal Day

Mon Jul 6th, 2020 - Sun Jul 12th, 2020

Great British Pea Week

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