Our favourite Day on Wed Nov 25th, 2020...

Wed Nov 25th, 2020

Shopping Reminder Day

Christmas - that most wonderful time of year filled with gifts, festivities, and a whole host of ads and promotions constantly bombarding you about it. It’s no doubt that Christmas has become commercialized, and indeed one may be at loss...

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Wed Nov 25th, 2020

Parfait Day

In French, the word parfait means “perfect”, and in American English, the term almost exclusively refers to a sort of delicious, frozen dessert. If your idea of perfection involves ice cream, then you’ll have little trouble understanding the connection with...
Wed Nov 25th, 2020

Blase’ Day

Wed Nov 25th, 2020

Jukebox Day

Wed Nov 25th, 2020

Tie One On Day

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