There are tidy desktops, and cluttered desktops, organized desktops, and ones with icon scattered everywhere. Which one do you have? If you take it in terms of acreage, there are billions of acres of virtual desktop in the world today, and much of that is heavily cluttered. Clean your Virtual Desktop day is your opportunity to bring a little sense and order to your desktop.

History of Clean your Virtual Desktop Day

Clean your Virtual Desktop Day was first created by the good people at, to encourage people to sort out their desktops and return it to that pristine vision they received when they first booted up their computer. An orderly desktop has been said to be the sign of an orderly mind, someone who has their work together, and knows what their tool is for and how to use it.

How to celebrate Clean your Virtual Desktop Day

While it may seem simple, there are actually a number of ways to celebrate Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day. Go through your files on your desktop and determine which ones are no longer necessary, and send them to the virtual round file (That’s the recycling bin, for all that it’s opening is rectangular).

Then sort the others into folders on your computer, or on your desktop if that’s your won’t. But don’t overdo it! So much better to have things stored in the document folder than scattered in folders across your desktop!

Transfer photos on your desktop to storage devices like flash drives or SD cards, or just save them in special folders on your hard drive. However you go about it, cleaning out your desktop will make it easier to find things, and be more productive with your PC.

While you’re at it, be sure to consider changing your theme to take advantage of your beautifully clean desktop! There’s a lot of options out there in just about every style you can imagine, some of them even change up your mouse cursor to really customize your visual experience.

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