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Mon Oct 11th, 2021

Coming Out Day

For time out of mind members of the LGBTQ community have had to hide in fear for their livelihood and their lives. A constant fear of being rejected by friends and loved ones, as well as the community of which...

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Mon Oct 11th, 2021

Canadian Thanksgiving

Since 1957, Thanksgiving Day has been a holiday in Canada on the second Monday of October. Canadian Thanksgiving is a chance for people to give thanks for fortunes in the past year, including a good harvest. Below, we will explain...
Mon Oct 11th, 2021

Columbus Day

Mon Oct 11th, 2021

Sausage Pizza Day

Wed Sep 15th, 2021 - Fri Oct 15th, 2021

Hispanic Heritage Month

October, 2021 is also...

October, 2021

Dysautonomia Awareness Month

Dysautonomia is a term that you may never have heard about before, and that’s why Dysautonomia Awareness Month is so important! The purpose of this occasion is to increase the support that people with this condition receive in their communities...
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