There are many wonders in the world, but the wonders that I like best are the joys of good food shared with those I love.

Food brings people together in a huge variety of ways, from family gatherings to first dates. Everyone has a favorite food, with varieties ranging from American to Swedish, and if you ask some people the best food is that you don’t have to make yourself! The warmth and aromas of food help remind you of the comforts of home and childhood, and can easily wash away the effects of a bad day. If you’re a food lover, from homegrown food to a hearty restaurant meal, Food Day is for you. Experience the joy that professional chefs and homemakers alike bring by feeding those they love.

History of Food Day

Food Day was established by the Food and Agriculture association in 1945, but it would another 34 years before it was recognized as a world holiday at the 20th FAO conference in November of 1979. 150 countries proceeded to follow and celebrate the holiday following its official recognition by the United Nations, and its popularity has been used to promote the idea of feeding the world and eliminating poverty in rural nations since 2014.

Food Day isn’t just about delicious food; it’s about easing the suffering of starving people everywhere and promoting the ability of people to feed themselves without assistance. Every year conferences occur where people discuss various methods and ideas that can help to promote the elimination of world hunger.

Food Day is a reminder that coming together with friends and family around a well-set table is a privilege that not everyone can enjoy, but is one that everyone should experience.

How to Celebrate World Food Day

A great way to celebrate Food Day is by providing food to those who may not otherwise have it. Whether you’re volunteering at a shelter doing your part to feed the homeless or taking the time to prepare a home-cooked meal for your friends and family, be sure to take some time to spread the appreciation that comes with a full stomach and excellent food.

You may also take some time to understand where your food comes from by visiting a farm or dairy or even visiting an open kitchen restaurant to see the time and effort that goes into creating the food you love. However you decide to celebrate it, don’t let Food Day pass you by without spreading the love of food.

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