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Sadly, the world can be a cold, hard place. But the hope for this day is that people will become more connected with the folks they do business with. Get to Know Your Customers Day was founded with the purpose of making the world just a slightly smaller and much nicer place in which to live, work and shop!

History of Get to Know Your Customers Day

One great aspect of Get to Know Your Customers Day is that, unlike most holidays, it comes around more than one time each year. In fact, this day is celebrated quarterly, on the third Thursday of the months of January, April, July and October.

The purpose of Get to Know Your Customers Day is actually pretty simple – and the idea is written right into the name! Building brand loyalty is a vital part of doing business in today’s world and Get to Know Your Customers Day offers the perfect reminder to take more steps in the right direction.

Of course, from a purely business standpoint, getting to know your customers is generally a good idea because it allows for better service and catering to their specific needs. And from an existential standpoint, the world can simply be a better place when people in communities are able to get to know each other a little bit better.

How to Celebrate Get to Know Your Customers Day

Take a look at some of these useful and interesting ways that business owners and managers might want to participate in and celebrate Get to Know Your Customers Day:

Hold Customer Appreciation Events

A great way to celebrate Get to Know Your Customers Day is to host a gathering or event that allows customers to get more connected. Make the event fun for the whole family by offering prizes or games. For those who do business online instead of in person, there are still tons of opportunities to create social media events or contests that can get the people excited about being involved.

In the midst of the fun, don’t forget to ask customers to take surveys that will allow you to better understand what their needs are and how your business might be able to meet them.

Create a Loyalty Program

Whether it’s a stamp card for a local coffee shop that offers a free cup after buying ten, or it’s a points system for credit cards or airline miles, loyalty programs are proven to bring customers back time and again.

Get to Know Your Customers Day is the ideal time to create and implement a customer loyalty program that will get those customers back in the door on a regular basis!

Build Detailed Customer Profiles

Those in the business world, whether retail, wholesale or business-to-business, can glean information on Get to Know Your Customers Day which will be useful and valuable in the future. Put that information to work right away by building it into customer profiles that are stored in a customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

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