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12th Mar each year

Every year there is a time that is far more special than any other, when sweets and treats fill the streets, and everywhere you go is filled with joy. No we’re not talking about Christmas or Easter, not even Halloween, we’re talking about March, that perfect time of year when Girl Scout Cookies go on sale. These intrepid young entrepreneurs really know how to add a bit of joy to our lives, and that’s why they deserve their very own day. Girl Scout Day celebrates those 4 million girls who call themselves scouts, and all the good they do every year.

History of Girl Scout Day
In 1911, a remarkable woman named Juliette Gordon Low met with the founder of Scouting, and when she returned home to Georgia, she determined that the Girls of the world needed something of their very own. Driven by her excitement, she recruited her cousin to serve by her side and drive forward this promising new project for girls everywhere.
The Concept of service to one’s community isn’t just for boys, the Girl Scouts works to develop the skills in its members to be strong and productive members of their society. With such concepts as honesty, fairness, and compassion and skills like first aid and entrepreneurship, the Girl Scouts work together to provide a foundation of success for their members.
Unlike the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts arrange their membership according to grade, using different skill groups and developments targeted at the appropriate skills. And, of course, each year members from every level of the organization go out to participate in Girl Scout Cookie sales, and make the world a better and sweeter place for everyone. We have to admit that the cookies themselves may be the least of their accomplishments, but they serve as a great fundraiser to keep this organization building pride and self-respect in girls everywhere.
Additionally, this organization has stood apart from the Boy Scouts organization in making a stand for the civil rights of LGBTQ members. The Girls Scouts have taken an active and supporting role in these cases, and openly welcome members without question. They’re truly an inspiration.

How to Celebrate Girl Scout Day
Really the best way to celebrate this day is to support your local troop. Whether that’s through a donation, a purchase of their (astonishingly good and regrettably addictive) cookies, or even through volunteer work, there’s a bunch of ways you can get involved with the organization.

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