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”Despite being just a lovable as their more colorful brothers and sisters, for years black cats have been neglected, faced suspicion, hostility and even death as a result of silly superstition.”
~Saffron Alexander, The Telegraph

Many times black cats are unintentionally overlooked by adopters. While there is no logical reason why many black cats are not adopted, much of the reason behind it stems from superstition. Even though those superstitions depend on the culture, International Black Cat Month is dedicated to all of the black cats that deserve love!

History of International Black Cat Awareness Month

International black cat month was made to raise awareness of the neglect of black cats due to superstition. The superstition behind black cats dates back to medieval Europe, when many considered black cats to be bad omens or familiars of witches. For instance, in Germany if a black cat were to cross left to right from you, it was considered a bad omen. These beliefs have risen in popularity over the past decade. It has mainly risen in the United States because of the Halloween season. Halloween became one of the most popular holidays to celebrate and since then, the horror industry has passed down the superstition of black cats into people’s minds, and thus, not many get adopted.

However, one thing to note though is that not all countries consider black cats to be a symbol of bad luck. Countries like Britain and Japan consider black cats to be good luck. In reality though, many black cats are not so lucky. Black cats during the month of October tend to get abused because of these beliefs. Many also go without homes because black cats aren’t as photogenic, because when adoption agencies using photographs of their black cats decrease the chances of getting adopted due to lighting.

How to celebrate International Black Cat Awareness Month

One of the best ways to celebrate throughout the month is to go to your local adoption center and get yourself a black cat! They’re just like any other cats, and adding them into your life will probably enrich you and make your life better. They’re patiently waiting for a loving home. If you already have a black cat, take photos of your cat and share them on social media with your friends. By posting pictures of your cat, you’re dispelling the superstitions behind black cats while raising awareness of their neglect.

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