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August 25th

Learn about Whisky Sour Day

The Whisky Sour is a drink that has an excellent pedigree, with the first mention of being found in 1870 in a Wisconsin Newspaper. This drink has been a favorite of the world’s manliest men since its inception, being enjoyed by soldiers and officers alike. It’s somewhat strange that in recent years it has gained something of a reputation as a ‘girly drink’, but the contestation of which side of that line of machismo it falls on matters not when you’re enjoying this refreshing bit of historical liquor.

One thing that’s decidedly not girly about this drink is the robustness of whisky, which has the staying power any man would envy. Whisky, when kept in an unopened bottle, can see the passing of a century without becoming undrinkable, and once opened is still good for a solid 5 years after the seal has been broken. Needless to say, with a durability like that, there’s nothing weak or frail about this bold drink.


Over the years there have been an increasing number of variations on this drink, but the foundation of the Whisky Sour has always been whisky (often but not always bourbon) mixed with lemon juice and sweetened with sugar. A half Orange is then used to garnish the glass, and a maraschino cherry will be dropped in to top it all off.

Stone Sour

1.5 oz Wild Turkey 101
¾ oz Squeezed Lemon Juice
1 oz Squeezed Orange Juice
1 oz Simple Syrup

Add all of these ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice, proceed to shake the drink to mix it thoroughly, and strain it into a glass filled with fresh ice and garnished with a slice of orange and a maraschino cherry.

Kilbeggan Secret Sour

1.5 oz Irish Whisky (Traditionally Kilbeggan)
¾ oz Vermouth
½ oz Grapefruit Juice
¾ oz simple syrup
1.5 oz Club Soda
1 splash of Orange Bitters

Add all of these ingredients to your favorite shaker, filled with ice as usual. Vigorously shake it to get everything mixed up properly, and then pour it into a tall Collins glass with fresh ice, and garnished with a twist of lemon.

Forbidden Sour

1 oz Pomegranate Liquor
1 oz Bourbon
1 oz Lemon Juice
½ oz Simple Syrup

This drink has an amazingly vibrant color that will be as much a treat for the eye as the palette. Its deep purplish red color speaks of the decadent forbidden nature of this drink, and the burst of sweet and sour that’ll course across your tongue will leave you wanting more. Like any other drink of its type, its prepared in a cocktail shaker full of ice, strained into a glass of ice, and garnished with a slice of orange and one… tiny… cherry.

Whisky Sour Day is a great opportunity to remember this classic drink made with some of the worlds most popular alcohol. These are just a few of the potential mixes you can put together within the realm of the Whisky Sours base. If you’re looking for a real different experience with a Whisky Sour base, go for the 1870’s Sour. I won’t ruin it for you, but Whisky Sour Day just wouldn’t be complete without this as a topper.