In its sixth year Black Cat Day is set to be bigger than ever. Black cats have always had a bit of a bad reputation. From being associated with witches, causing bad luck and in more recent years being selfie un-friendly. Gemma from Cats Protection give us a bit more of an insight into how this day can be celebrated.

What inspired you to create Black Cat Day?

Cat rescues in the UK are often overflowing with black cats and we just can’t understand why! National Black Cat Day was started by my predecessor and it just seems such an obvious campaign to continue. The public really get behind it and given that at Cats Protection it takes a monochrome moggy 13 per cent longer to find their new home than a more colorful cat, it really feels like black cats need that little extra push and publicity.

What makes black cats better than other colored cats?

They don’t leave light-colored hairs all over your black clothing, for a start! Joking aside, it’s not that they’re better than other colored cats (let’s face it, they’re all amazing), it really is that they’re just as deserving of a loving home as any other colour so we’d urge people to give them a chance and not just walk past their pen in an adoption center. They’re just as funny, sweet and wonderful as any other cat.

Is it really true that black cats have a lower adoption rate because they don’t look good in selfies?

It might be why – but we’d naturally dispute it! Anyone looking for tips on photographing black cats can find them in our blog from last year.

If people are wanting to adopt a black cat, what’s the process?

I’d recommend people adopt from a reputable rescue such as Cats Protection – most rescues will have plenty of black cats to choose from! For Cats Protection cats, the process is the same whatever the colour of cat. People looking to adopt can check out our online ‘Find-a-cat’ tool to view cats in their local area looking for homes; there are contact details to get in touch and enquire on each cat’s page. There’s a minimal amount of paperwork to fill out and there may be a home visit too. We charge an adoption fee for our cats – for this you’re getting a cat that’s been fully health checked by a vet, vaccinated, wormed, flea-treated and neutered (or with a voucher for neutering in the case of young kittens) with a month’s free pet insurance, so you’re actually getting a lot for your money when you add the cost of all that up!

People can also contact their local branch to talk through the process and learn more about potentially suitable cats in their care. It’s easy and adopters can sleep easy at night knowing they’ve given a cat that really needs it a lovely forever home, without supporting irresponsible breeders.

Can people offer to volunteer at their local shelter?

Absolutely! Cats Protection is only able to do what it does thanks to the 9,000+ volunteers across the UK who give up their time to help out. There is a huge range of volunteering roles from cat fosterers and kitten socialisers to fundraisers and treasurers so there’s something for everyone. It’s not just the physical centers that need help – with almost 300 branches (these are different to centers in that they often don’t have a physical address, they rely on fosterers in the local area to care for the cats) and around 70 shops all operating thanks to volunteers there are plenty of places to get involved! Find a volunteering opportunity near you or speak to your local Cats Protection about available roles.

How can my cat celebrate?

Naturally, we expect all cats – particularly the black ones – to be pampered by their owners on this very special day so we suggest they get themselves comfy and demand some attention! Their owners can get involved in a number of ways too:

  • Check out Cats Protection’s Facebook page and Twitter (don’t forget to get sharing our posts and tweets, and use the #BlackCatDay hashtag!).
  • Pick up a limited edition black cat pin badge from selected Cats Protection charity shops or adoption center.
  • Check out our webpage for lots more ways to get involved.

Aside from Black Cat Day, what’s your favorite Day Of The Year, and why?

Anything involving cats is a big hit for me – National Cat Day is on its way in the USA and there was the brilliant World Cat Day back in August. It inevitably means there are lots of lovely cat photos and videos doing the rounds on social media.

I’m a big fan of all of the various chocolate-themed days too, any excuse to tuck into something chocolatey!

Why not head to your local Cats Protection center and adopt one of these feisty felines? Or if you can’t adopt then why not sponsor one of these feline friends.

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