This week we are talking to Jamie Klingler creator of Mr Hyde’s National Burger Day and with so many choices of different burgers and toppings who can blame you for sticking to the classics on Burger Day. Jamie set out to get people eating good burgers instead of ones that are burnt to a crisp with flaky buns!

Q: What inspired you to create Burger Day?
America has a burger day and a cheeseburger day and we felt a bit left out – although it is annoying when people see the build up to the day on Twitter and don’t realize that it is in another country.  Mark my words we’ll have between 80-100 American tweets on the day.

Q: Do you fancy yourself as a burger connoisseur? Got any top tips for aspiring burger apprentices?
I’m a classicist.  If I want a pulled pork sandwich I will get one, I don’t need pulled pork on my burger.

Q: What’s the best burger that you have had? And what made it epic?
My fave is Bleecker St Burger. They make the meat sing with a little salt, cheese and onion.  And they cook it medium rare.  I’m not a huge fan of toppings or sauces.

Q: Controversy: Fried eggs. Do they have a place in burgers?
No – just breakfast, and don’t get me started on beetroot

Q: How (and where) can people get involved with Burger Day?
We have 450 restaurants taking part.  Last year we brought on this woman Cath who was still in Uni to call around and entice people to get involved – we thought we were great for having 250 restaurants involved.  This year she came back and got almost double that.  We love her!  She’s in her last year at Uni but we want her with us all of the time- she is wonderful.

Q: How do you tell a good burger from a bad burger at a glance? Any pro tips?
If they pre-cook their burgers or won’t let you order them pink – RUN

Q: There seems to be a trend towards bigger and taller burgers with more and more layers and ingredients layered up; Do you think it will last and is it getting silly?
It is of course silly – we are bringing the Pick Your Toppings or PYT guys over from Philly (my hometown). They are mental geniuses – think the guys from Despicable Me zapping burgers.  But fun.

Q: What is the strangest thing that you have had in a burger?
The lasagne burger from PYT

Q: Buns! Does the outside matter as much as the inside? What would you suggest bun-wise?
Buns definitely matter. Fresh- soft and grabbing juices and not falling apart.

Q: Of course the aim to get as many people as possible to eat a burger but do you have any tips/options for vegetarians or people with gluten intolerance, etc?  Honest has gluten free – my friend created gluugle – for coeliacs – check it out.

Q: If you could only take one type or brand of burger with you to a desert island, which you had to eat every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Gonna go back with Bleecker.  Zan has created my favorite burger in London – and lived on Bleecker when I was 19 and new to NYC.

Thanks for the great advice Jamie! Why not check out to find out where you local venue is for some fab deals on your favorite burger!

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