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In the lead-up to Donut Day, we’ve been speaking with Lisa Mahon, a representative from Entenmann’s – an organisation well-known for their cakes, cookies and donuts. It happens out that Donut Day is as much about charity as it is sweet treats, and that Entenmann’s work closely with The Salvation Army to raise and donate money each year as part of the event.

We asked Lisa about Entenmann’s relationship with The Salvation Army, and to provide some insight on how they’ll be celebrating the day to everybody’s benefit.

Q: You’ve been working with The Salvation Army to make Donut Day a deal for a few years now; how does this relationship work, and how did it first come about?
We started our partnership with The Salvation Army four years ago to support the historical significance of National Donut Day and how Entenmann’s fans can help the cause as the leader in sweet baked goods. We have a great working relationship with The Salvation Army and admire their efforts of goodwill and assistance to those in need. The donut has been a long-standing symbol of the Salvation Army’s services and Entenmann’s has taken the partnership one step further with a Facebook donation campaign and sweepstakes to increase engagement and awareness. With this year’s $30,000 donation, that will total $100K over the last four years, so we’re very proud of reaching the 6-figure milestone throughout the course of partnership.

Q: ‘Bake sales’ and confectionary are obviously tied very closely to charitable giving, presumably because it’s so easy to take part. How can people get involved in Donut Day?
Getting involved is easy: Entenmann’s fans can Like our Facebook page ( to help contribute the $1 to the Salvation Army for every Like now through June 30th (up to $30K). And, we have an ongoing Facebook Sweepstakes activation where fans can win an assortment of fun prizes as well a chance to win ‘Free Donuts for a Year’ in addition to the charitable contribution. For this year’s National Donut Day campaign, we’re introducing the new Red Velvet donut to our world-renowned donut family and the sweepstakes information is printed on the packages for Rich Frosted, Crumb and our Powdered Bag donuts.

Q: It feels like you guys have a great working relationship which benefits a lot of people – do you have any tips for organisations who might be missing out on this kind of partnership?
We’ve been very fortunate to work with such a worthy organization as The Salvation Army. National Donut Day is extremely important to their heritage and we couldn’t be happier to donate money to their cause and provide Entenmann’s donuts to their programs throughout the country. At our upcoming event in New York City on June 6th, we’re aiming to giveaway around 20,000 donuts to anyone who comes by our space in Madison Square Park from 7am to 3pm, offering a free sweet treat for the day.

We’d like to thank Lisa for her time, in the no-doubt busy run-up to Donut Day. We’ll let her get back to baking, and look forward to sampling some free donuts in Madison Square Park!

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