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I love finding people that are celebrating the different days of the year n their own unique way and no way is as unique as Loes. She has been taking photos in the same potion for everyday of the year so far and there have bee some fantastic images. She shares them every day on her Instagram account @inthemshoes and today we get to find out a bit more about her inspiration for doing this project.

Introduce yourself.
My name is Loes, I’m 26. I live in Hanoi, Vietnam. But I am from the Netherlands. I am 26 years old and I am volunteering for an INGO as a communication officer, to earn a little extra money I teach English to a class of very small students, they are 3. And most of them are adorable! I am currently studying Danish and I really like photography.

What inspired you start taking these photos?
In them shoes started as a project. I have been giving myself photography projects to master Photoshop and the settings on my camera. I think it got a bit out of control. I wanted to have a project that limited my options in such a way that I had to be more creative in finding new ideas. One day I took a picture of my favorite purple shoes in a red heart that was painted on the street, then I thought to myself Hey! This could be a good project, everyday the same shot but trying to come up with different ideas.

Then one day when I was listening to the radio I heard that it was Blow A Bubble Day. Then I grabbed the bubbles and ask my boyfriend to blow some in the shot and that is when the crazy holiday celebrations started. I found and voila a ton of inspiration!!

Do you pre plan your photos or are they a spur of the moment?
Most of the time I plan my photos, not everything is available in Hanoi and it gets dark pretty early. I try and take at least 4 of the photos for the coming week in the weekend. Then some of then I have to take during my lunch break. The food days are pretty hard to get! And I like those a lot. Days like Strawberry Sundae Day or Peach Ice cream Day are pretty hard, can’t get that in Hanoi! Or it least I wouldn’t know where… And it would be such a nice picture to take since I get to eat it after! Then some days need a little preparation, like build a scarecrow day. Took me an hour to make a little scarecrow out of threads. I had no clue how to put it together so it actually looks like a scarecrow! To get back to the point, I mostly pre plan.

What’s the weirdest or craziest experience you’ve come across, as part of taking the photos?
My neighbors think I am crazy and a lot of motorbike drivers pretend to drive me over. I once dropped a plate of watermelons because of it. And one day I got pretty angry with a car that kept on honking because he wanted to pass. I was holding a board with pomegranates and there were pomegranates all over the floor. The board was pretty heavy and he couldn’t wait one second. And here they honk differently. They don’t let the honk go. He could’ve just tapped the honk, politely. Ha ha.

What has been the biggest challenge in taking these pictures?
The most challenging part is taking the pictures and editing them every single day or every other day. Sometimes I am so sick of it ha ha. Or when there is a week with very little days that are difficult to envision, like Swap Ideas Day this week. Although I think I just got an idea for that one!

I also find it difficult to post something every single day. Sometimes I’m just too busy.

Any advice for someone who is wanting to start a project like this?
My advice would be to find a thread. If it wasn’t for I would’ve probably stopped already, but somehow it became my thread, my red line. Find something interesting and build on that and take into account that it is going take a lot of time.

What has been your favorite photos so far?
I really like the photo where my niece is giving me a flower, it’s such a perfect photo of a perfect moment. And I like the build a scarecrow day picture! And I kinda like the Knife Day picture, although it is a tad creepy.

If you could retake one of your photos which one would it be and why?
Recently I took a picture for Slinky Day. And I had such a nice idea but then I got home from work very late and it was too dark to still take a picture. So I had to take it in the bedroom where there was enough light. The picture just didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. I would do that one again. Slinky Day I also had to plan btw! I found the slinky on coincidence. I had already given up on the idea to find one and the day before we were doing groceries and there it lay. On a forgotten shelf in the supermarket.

What day are you looking forward to photographing?
Any days involving animals! Or the beach. ha ha. A friend is going to buy some frogs for his terrarium. Can’t wait to take pictures with those! And maybe an iguana! And soon today is Teddy Bear day, my mum has a super creepy old teddy bear she used to have when she was a child. Really want to take a picture with that! Although the teddy bear is a bit far away right now. So maybe next year;)

And everyday that allows me to eat something sweet. brownie day, chocolate day, strawberry day, ice cream day, etc. ha ha

From a personal perspective, what’s your favorite Day Of The Year, and why?
Kingsday in the Netherlands is a big option for this one. I also like all the days that bring some awareness, is it going to be Pangolin Day one day? Not that I would be able to take a pangolin. But it might make people more aware of the existence and threats to the animal or women empowerment day. 4th of October is Animal’s Day. I think I’ll go for that one.

Be sure to follow this fantastic photographer over on Instagram – @inthemshoes – and make sure you tell her we sent you! I am sure you don’t want to miss what she is doing next!

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