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The World Kickball Association is responsible for organising leagues, teams, games and competitive Kickball events across the globe. This year, we’ve worked with them to establish Kickball Day, a celebratory day which coincides with the kick-off of their spring leagues in the US. Sarah Nelson, who works for the association, spares a few moments from her busy schedule to give us some insight into how to get into the sport…

Q. What led to the creation of Kickball Day?
WAKA Kickball & Social Sports has been offering kickball leagues for adults since 1998. Today, WAKA offers leagues in 35 states and organizes events all around the country. We created Kickball Day so that all of us kickball enthusiasts can celebrate and play our favorite game together!

Q. How did you decide the date?
We picked April 17th because that is the opening day for many of our spring kickball leagues around the US.

Q. How should people celebrate or take part?
Kickball is an easy game to play and we believe it’s one of the best ways to bring groups of friends, colleagues, and even families together. We’d love to see people use Kickball Day as an excuse to take a break from their jobs and get out from behind a computer or TV screen and have some “old school” fun.

There is something magical about playing kickball as an adult. It is purely fun and joyful and brings back wonderful childhood memories. We’d love to see people play kickball on Kickball Day who haven’t played since they were in grade school.

Q. Is there anything that people can do to get more involved with Kickball Day?
The best way to celebrate Kickball Day is to play kickball! All you need is a ball and a group of friends to make two teams. WAKA Kickball & Social Sports offers kickball leagues all over the US that are available to anyone 21 and older. We invite anyone who wants to celebrate to sign up for a league and play kickball with us on Kickball Day.

Q. Lastly what will you be doing on Kickball day?
We will be playing kickball!

Thanks to Sarah, and good luck with Kickball Day – we’ll be sure to organise a Days Of The Year team game!

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