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Admit it you have used your pets name as your password or maybe you used a partners name. We have all done it at some point but with the advancements in technology, we need to protect our information even more. Using strong and more complex password to using 2-step verification. In comes Password Day, with hints and tips to ensure that you protect your most precious information and here to tell us some more about how you can secure your world is the guys from Password Day.

What kind of things should people avoid when creating a password?

There are several things to avoid when making a password. Some of the most common mistakes are when people reuse the same passwords, or use password that’s not long (15+ characters) and strong (random). But the biggest mistake people make with passwords today is not enabling the “two-factor authentication” (2FA) setting in their bank, social media, and email accounts.

Is there a theme for this year?

Our theme this year is “#LayerUp Your Login.” This refers to the fact that 72% Americans believe their accounts are secure with only usernames and passwords when in reality, a password alone is no longer enough to protect online accounts.

This year, we’re asking Internet users to add a layer of protection to their passwords by enabling two-factor authentication (sometimes known as multi-factor authentication) in the settings of their bank, email, and social media accounts.

Enabling 2FA adds an extra step to your login process. After typing your username or password, you’ll be asked to enter a code that’s texted to your phone, or generated by an app before you can log in to your email account. This means that even in cases where your password is stolen or leaked, only you will be able to access your accounts.

What can people use in order to create a strong password?

Password managers are a great option to create strong passwords. The manager will create long, strong and unique passwords and remember all them for you. You just remember one very strong master password and the password manager takes care of the rest.

Are upper-case letter and symbols enough to keep you secure, or should we use something more creative?

We would recommend length over complexity. This means to yes, use the upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols but to also make sure your password is long — at a minimum 15 characters. Try to make a passphrase, a list of words that is easy for you to remember but hard for someone to guess and pepper those special characters into the phrase.

What is the weirdest password you have come across?

Believe it or not it is the most common ones that are the weirdest. Things like password and 123456 are super common, which is weird because they’re so obviously unsafe. There’s a fascinating write-up on the weird passwords people choose called “Unmasked: What 10 million passwords reveal about the people who choose them.” They found some interesting trends in passwords. For example, the most common fruit used in passwords is apple (closely followed by orange), the most common animal is fish, and the most common superhero is batman.

Do yourself a favor and use long, random passwords.

From personal perspective what is your favorite Day Of The Year and why?

Let’s face it, talking about passwords isn’t everybody’s favorite pastime but they are so important for our digital lives. What I love about Password Day is it is a good reminder of what we need to do but also tries to have some fun with passwords and make it interesting.

So will you be usings a longer password? How about turning on the 2-step verification? Maybe you’ll just rethink the passwords that you currently use. To find out more head on over to to learn more.

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