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At Days Of The Year, we love the idea of trying new things, it comes with the territory. We encourage others to try something that may be just out side their comfort zone. Weird, wonderful and new ways to celebrate and explore are at very the heart of what we believe and do. There is no better time to try a new experience than in Experience Week! Fancy going to the Grand Canyon and spend days rafting down a river, or even go bungee jumping there? Then IntoTheBlue is the company for you. They specialize in ‘experiences, activities and adventure days out’ with vouchers for days out for him, her and the kids you will be spoilt for choice. But here to tell us a bit more is Tom from Into The Blue.

What kind of things do people do to celebrate national experience week? Is there a theme for this year in particular example

It’s entirely up to you! One of the great things about national experience week is that anyone can part, and it’s your choice what you do to celebrate. As long as it is something different, out of your normal routine – it counts! We’ve had people do something simple like trying out a pub in the local area for the first time or starting a new TV show. On the other hand, we’ve had people celebrate by going horse riding or taking a flying lesson – so it’s really a mixed bag.

What can people do at home or work, on a budget, to take part?

There are plenty of ways to get involved in National Experience, regardless of your budget or time restrictions. At we have experience days from as little as £15, but you don’t necessarily have to spend any money to get involved. For example, you could take part by taking a different route to work, eating something new for lunch or trying a sport you’ve never tried before.

What’s the weirdest or Craziest experience you’ve come across as part of this week

That’s a tough one. We get such a diverse range of experiences sent into us during the week, there’s too many to choose from. Some of our favorites from the past have been spending the day with micro pigs and someone who decided to skydive for the first time. That’s what makes the week so inclusive, you can make it as safe and normal or whacky and adrenaline filled as you like – the way you choose to celebrate is up to you.

From personal perspective what is your favorite Day Of The Year and why?

Obviously, National Experience Week is our favorite choice! There are so many to choose from, but it would have to be Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day. Not only would you be comfortable all day long, you would also get an extra 20 minutes in bed not having to sort through your clothes in the morning. Having said that, it might attract some funny looks from fellow commuters on the train!

Thanks, Tom!

It sounds like this week provides plenty of great excuses to try something new and to embark on some adventures. Let us know how you get on! What experiences will you be trying out this week?


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