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Thu 2nd Feb, 2017 will be...


2nd Feb each year

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Ever stopped for a moment and considered just how precious our natural world is? World Wetlands Day is an opportunity to remember those beautiful, boggy parts of our world that ducks, geese, swans, frogs, water voles, flamingoes and all other sorts of waterfowl and animals need to have in order to exist and thrive in harmony.

We all know that parts of our world are under risk of being over-developed; at the expense of the creatures who inhabit these dwindling areas. The wetlands need our help, money and support if we are to see these beautiful birds and other water-based creatures survive for next generation. World Wetlands Day is the perfect chance to make a much-needed donation to a charity that works to save these areas. Or, if you live near a wetlands center, go and visit it! They are fascinating places, run by dedicated staff and volunteers who need your support – and you may just find yourself becoming drawn into the world of bird watching, nature photography, duck feeding or birdhouse building!

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