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The Skarsgård family might just be one of the most talented families around – and Alexander Skarsgård is no exception. He comes from a famous family of actors including, Stellan, his father, and his brothers Gustaf, who played Floki in Vikings, and Bill, who was the creepy clown in the 2017 and 2019 film adaptations of Stephen King’s IT.

Alexander was born on August 25th, 1976, in Stockholm, Sweden, and is the eldest of all of the talented Skarsgård siblings. Standing a huge 6 foot and 4 inches, Alexander has a tall stature which was witnessed in all its glory in The Legend of Tarzan and again in The Northmen!

The Early Years of Alexander Skarsgård

His first role was when he was just seven years old, playing Kalle in a production for Swedish television. Not long after, he started getting recognition for his talents, and by 13, he was already famous.

However, Alexander quit acting for a while because the fame felt overwhelming to him. Shying away from the camera when he was 19, he applied for national service, and went on to dedicate 18 months to the anti-sabotage and anti-terrorism division.

After what was a very serious year and a half spent protecting his country, Alexander went to Leeds Met University and effectively, according to his own words, had a blast but didn’t study much, and left just six months into his English course.

During those six months in Leeds, he realized that he had a passion for acting, and before long he moved to New York City to attend Marymount Manhattan College. Another short stint of education under his belt confirmed that it was acting he wanted to do. And boy, oh boy, did he!

Alexander Skarsgård on the Big Screen

Alexander has secured some of the most impactful characters ever to grace our screens, including roles in the record-breakingly popular series True Blood, Big Little Lies, Succession, and The Northman.

As his career progressed, he also moved into post-production, producing, and executive producing. So his work is not just in front of the camera; he understands his craft on a deeper level.

His awards range from the Scream Awards for Best Villain (multiple times) to the prestigious Golden Globe Award, Screen Actors Guild, and a Primetime Emmy!

A super cool fact is that he also played the boyfriend in the music video for Paparazzi, one of Lady Gaga’s biggest musical hits to date!

Alexander Skarsgård In Private

In an interview with Sharp Magazine, Alexander described himself as quite boring. He went on to say that in private, he is a very mellow person, which means he gets to explore all of these other characteristics on screens.

Aside from being mellow and laid back as a person, he has also been seen on the red carpet wearing an ensemble of Converse trainers, jeans, and a t-shirt — not because he felt he had risen to such dizzy heights, but because it was his personal style, and due to a storm, he had to go straight from the plane to the red carpet!

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